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On Pause

Posted on October 23, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Hello regular readers...

Coverless is on pause at the moment due to a variety of reasons. First my web server (webs.com) closed my site because they believed there was porn somewhere on my site. There wasn't, but that didn't stop them from closing my site down for almost two weeks (bastards). Then I've been deluged with work, the new day job in particular, working very early morning shifts. Then  I've got two books coming out from Arcana Comics soon-ish. One called The Truman Virus is complete and should be out next year (written by Eliot Witters). The other called Zombies in Love (written by Nial Pressner-Kehls) is only 10% started so I've got to buckle down and get that done.

I've also got a book of which I am just doing the colors and letter for called All Star University being published by Markosia Comics sometime next year. Its written by Dan Fitzgerald and illustrated by JC Grande. Plus I've some other artistic commitments I need to finish up that I've put on hold for awhile (Squared Circle written by Jeremiah Allan) and Adventures of the Jetmen (written by Kevin Pearl). To add to that I need to finish up a couple submissions of my own to send to companies (ESP written by me and illustrated by Alex Diotto) and (Before Snow written and illustrated by me).

To add to all that work I am dealing with a breakup from my true love (after 5+ years together - 90% my own fault unfortunately, stupid me) and it's at times sapping all the energy from my very soul and all I want to do is lay in bed and never get up again. But somehow I do.

In the end this blog will return, possibly here or possibly with one of those free Wordpress accounts. Not sure yet, but please bear with me as I get things returned to normal.

Be well everyone, continue to send me emails, I do read each and every one and will respond if necessary. Thank you.

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