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Review: The Wrong House

Posted on February 4, 2011 at 1:33 PM

The Wrong House

Written by Curtis Lawson with Art by Kay

The Wrong House is the story of three teen misfits and a Halloween night gone terribly wrong. Lawson’s wonderfully creative story telling and Kay’s dark, gritty art style immerse the reader in the terrifying events of the night. Told in a non-linear manner, the story works its way inside out, slowly revealing the truth behind this gruesome tale.

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Review by PD Houston:

In todays comics industry a lot of smaller indy books get passed over very quickly by retailers and fans and there are many reasons for that. The Wrong House by Curtis Lawson and artist Kay is a book I hope that doesn't happen to. A lot of really good indy books get no pub or run by the comics media and are doomed to failure, so I'm going to do my part in helping promote this well executed comic.

Writer Chris Lawson sent me The Wrong House for review and  I'm extremely glad Chris Lawson got in touch with me because The Wrong House is a great comic. Let me tell you why...

Using flashbacks and weaving in and out of moments in time Chris Lawson delivers one hell of a story. It's extremely suspenseful and while using this method of storytelling can sometimes be confusing, Lawson pulls it off expertly and delivers one hell of a final twist at the end. A good twist is always one you don't see coming, and Lawson set it up amazingly. What starts out as what seems to be a typical slasher horror story, some crazy guy killing people in a horrific manner, develops into a twisting nightmare on par with anything Stephen King or Clive Barker could ever deliver. You'd almost think Lawson has been writing comics professionally for years by the expertise of the delivery in this story. I can see good things for him in the future if his stories are of this caliber.

But while Lawson delivers a great story, it's the art which is what initially grabed my attention. The artist who goes by only one name, Kay, gives us a well drawn comic that matches the story perfectly. Kay's art reminded me at times of Eduardo Risso and David Lapham, but it stayed true to its own style. Lot's of blacks, scratchy, but sure lines and fully rendered believable people. I've never heard of Kay before or seen his/her art anywhere before and that's sad because this artist is extremely talented. I'm hoping to see more of this artist's work because they too have a future in this biz if they can keep the quality of art in this comic and carry it into their other work.

The only problem I had with this book is the cover. It's not catchy enough and is easily passed over when placed next to other comics. Plus it's not reflective of the awesome interior art. I would have prefered to see interior artist Kay do the cover, but not knowing the politics of the makings of this book I don't know why that didn't happen. But I guess I can use that cliche "Never judge a book by it's cover" here. So please look at the preview art posted here rather than just the cover to judge the quality of this comic.

Look for an interview with writer Chris Lawson on this blog in the near future where we will talk all about this book and possibly other stuff.

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