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Review: Blecky Yuckerella Vol. 4

Posted on December 31, 2010 at 1:54 PM

Blecky Yuckerella Vol. 4

by Johnny Ryan

Published by Fantagraphics

Ships in: January 2011

"'Fucussle'?! What's that mean?"

"No, it's Fuck You, Asshole! by Johnny Ryan."

Thus begins the fourth and final collection of comic strips starring the stupidest, ugliest, stubbliest girl in grade number two. Blecky and her "pals" are back and so are the fountains of blood, urine, and other bodily fluids (not to mention profanity) in these riotously hilarious, eye-poppingly offensive four-panel gag strips. Co-starring the usual cast of Blecky's weirdo friends and enemies, plus douching robots, the Christmas barbarian, the world's most bad-ass Easter basket, the Spamfs, 69-11, sexy murder hunks, ass worship, glory holes, the Pizzazooka, Dizzy the herpes-sniffing dog, Sir Oreo Monocle and oh so much more. Over 100 pages of ridiculous absurdity, over-the-top grossouts, and scathing satire that could only come from the mind and pen of Johnny Ryan.

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Review by PD Houston: I try to be as unbiased as possible when giving reviews, but I have to admit up front I am a huge fan of Johnny Ryan's work. I can't help it, I think it's hilarious. Insensitive over the edge foul mouthed humor is my kind of humor. But with that said I will give my review in as honest of a manner as possible of this 4th collection of Ryan's infamous character Blecky Yuckerella.

There's 106 pgs. of one page gag after another. At first I thought this format would get old, but I was wrong. Almost every page was grossly funny. Ryan misses on a few gags, but 100 of the 106 pgs. were great. I'm going to post some of my favorites throughout this review as examples of the hilarity contained within this volume. Still trying to be unbiased, but really I couldn't find anything wrong with this book.

Ryan has been around a long time now and he's as funny as he's ever been. I think I actually prefer Blecky Yuckerella to Angry Youth Comix, because of the just quick gross insane jokes spewed out at us. From joking about Swine Flu to legalizing Gay Marriage, Ryan's spins it like only he can. Johnny Ryan is in my mind is one of the best modern humorists in comics today. It's not the kind of humor that's gonna get him invited to lots of prestigious awards ceremonies, but you can not deny that this shit isn't funny!

Seriously for all those people who have not read a Johnny Ryan book for whatever stupid reason, pick this book up. There's gonna be something in here that will make you laugh or puke or laugh and puke at the same time. It's an awesome awesome book. Loved it all the way through.

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