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Super Sunday Reviews - 03/03/13

Posted on March 3, 2013 at 6:15 AM

Worst Comics of 2013:


By Brian Bendis, Steve McNiven and Marvel Comics

This will definitely make the list this year. This is the most flat, formulaic, weak and uncreative thing of Brian Bendis' that I've ever read (I haven't read everything). For a few years I enjoyed his work immensely, but of late have grown tired and bored by his work (see my review below of the new Powers comic for more on this opinion).

I have no experience or knowledge of the Guardians of the Galaxy beyond a few issues of the Jim Valentino comic series back in the early 1990's. This team is completely new to me. The lead character of this 0.1 issue (why 0.1, so faux-futuristic...) is a blond haired blue eyed handsome white dude. Why should I care about yet another one of these cardboard glamour cutouts? I don't and especially not after reading this comic book. I wonder why Bendis' work is so bad here? It almost seems on purpose. Could he be writing this badly on purpose? Can a person write badly on accident? Or is Brian Bendis now the name of a really bad writing collective at Marvel?

I guess it doesn't matter. Read this comic at your own peril.

Below is a section of the first story page. Looking at this I knew right away I was in for a shitty comic. The graphic design is spacey adventure title stuff, while the three caption boxes contain inane Bendis banner, quite common in his scripts. The styles clash.

I Was Hoping This Comic Would Be Good...


By Brian Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming

This is the first new issue of Powers that I've read in about 4 years. I stopped reading the other Powers series for various reasons (uncertain publishing schedule, lack of interest, etc). This new issue ended up boring me a lot. I hoped it would be good, but both Bendis and Oeming seemed burnt out, past their prime with this issue. The once vibrant energy of this comic is gone. Both in the writing and the art. Which is ok in the long run, as at various points in the past this comic was great. Plain and simple great. Once upon a time, Oemings art was dynamic and stunning and Bendis' writing was quirky and unexpected. The characters were fresh and new and creative.

Now it all seems so worn out. Is it the concept? Or is it the creators? Both? It all added up and = boring.

Below is the best image Oeming did in the whole comic. In my mind it holds all the pecularities of Oeming's work at it's best. A mix of sketchy thin and thick lines. Of simple uneven shapes that exemplifies his style. Most of Oemings work in this current issue is very thick lined, lazy and hurried. Which, if thinking upon his work schedule of recent years seems predictable. I mentioned burnt-out when regarding Oeming's work earlier and in my opinion the work in this issue is Oeming at his tired limits.

I may read next issue, I may not. I honestly could care less.

Now This is Why I Like Comics So Much:


By Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas

I like fresh new energized comics and this one published by Dark Horse Comics fits that bill. It wasn't the greatest comic, but it had a lot of energy and the art was fantastic. That's enough for me. Seriously, just keep me reading and give me some eye candy art. Michael Dialynas' artwork reminds me of a mix of Paul Pope and Mark Crilley. Frenetic, slightly embossed with a manga style, yet full of detail and life. While the comics I love the most are those really deep thoughtful kind, but if I can get ahold of a comic like this, I'm satiated.

The story is about a young female assasin named Amala who is hired to take out some steampunk looking sea captain. But it seems Amala is plagued by the ghosts of her past and of those whom she has killed. Obviously the main character is crazy, plus a murderer, so while technically we shouldn't root for a crazy murderous bastard like Amala, we still will because there's character appeal. This opening story is nothing deep, nothing terribly remarkable, but it is catchy and fun. Easy to read, full of energy and definitely has enough appeal to keep me reading.

Guess I Just Read a Wonder Woman Comic...


By Brian Azzarello & Tony Akins plus others

DC Comics

I did read Wonder Woman #'s 1-5 of this new volume in trade paperback form a bit back and that didn't really impress me much at all, but I do like Brian Azzarello's work overall, so I've given his Wonder Woman comic another shot with this issue #17. And I am much more impressed. The story is much better formed, much more interesting and the art is pretty damn good. The coloring is great too. Too many colorists nowadays add way too much light and dark tones, with their flares and shadows that it overwhelms the art. The kinda coloring in this issue is exactly the kind of comic book coloring I like. Simple, but with enough dark and light tones to add depth and texture.

So what we got here I guess is a war between gods with Wonder Woman and friends all mixed up in it. Plus there's Orion of the New Gods which is interesting considering never before did DC mix Wonder Woman and her godly pantheon with Jack Kirby's pantheon. I find it very interesting and I am very curious where it all goes. But I will admit, as much as I was intrigued by this comic overall, I have a feeling I will be hesitant in picking up the next issue of this comic. Not because it's probably the best comic DC is currently publishing, but because it's just another comic of yet another serial character where despite any profound story effects, it's all so irrelevant. There's a status quo when it comes to characters like Wonder Woman and I have no interest in that sort of story continuity. I just don't give enough of a fuck about a character like this no matter how well of a job a writer that I like is doing on it. It's the same thing with Grant Morrison's Batman. I really like Morrison's work, but I don't give enough of a fuck to pick up a Batman comic which he is writing, because I know in the end no matter what he does, it won't fucking matter. The status quo will be maintained as it always has with a company like DC comics.

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