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Super Sunday Reviews - 1/12/12

Posted on January 13, 2013 at 8:40 AM

The Best of the Week:


From IDW Publishing

Only a few issues ago I thought this was the more boring of the two ongoing Transformers comics, but a consistent storyline, newly consistent art and a few surprising twists have made me pay more attention to this book. The twists in this particular issue are quite interesting. In one way we could just be returning to the status quo (War, war, war), the other twist is something new, but not unexpected. I guess to be blatant - Megatron returns (ho-hum, yes, but there's no Optimus Prime around currently to counter balance his planned takeover of Cybertron. Yes this could mean and probably will mean the return of the usual Prime vs. Megatron stuff, but at this point I'm eager for it) - and Prowl turns Decepticon.

If you've been reading this comic the past few issues, Prowl's being written as pretty much of a dick lately. So his going rogue doesn't seem too off at this point. Now again, it could just be a ruse and he's infiltrating the Decepticons to actually stop them or whatever, but it's an interesting enough twist. Also revealed in this issue is that all Starscreams attempts at showing he's reformed is actually a ruse and he was just planning a Decepticon takeover anyway himself just in a more sly manner. But now that Megatron has returned, his plans are going up in smoke.

I like where this series is going now and I'm totally onboard for the near future.

The Worst of the Week:

EARTH 2 #8

By DC Comics

Obviously this issue is the middle or end of a continuing story, and while I hoped that I could get the gist of what's going on, I couldn't. Writer James Robinson is a well known commodity in the comics world, having done some good comics somewhere-sometime, but this comic just sucked. I know the character Steppenwolf is a character from Jack Kirby's Fourth World comics, but what he's doing here in this story and how he got to this point I have no idea and this story did nothing to inform me.

The art is sub-par for what's supposed to be one of the most professional comics publishers in the world which didn't help my enjoyment of this comic. Even the lettering in the first few pages didn't have proper placement and flow. How is DC continuing to publish comics like this? The New 52 is an example so far in awful.

The Rest of the Bunch:


IDW Publishing

I surprisingly enjoyed last issue, so I had to pick up this issue and yet again I was treated to a thoroughly entertaining comic. I realize it's a Godzilla comic, but it's actually pretty good! I dig Simon Gane's quirky angular artwork and while Duane Swierzyncski's story is loopy and choppy at times it's still solid. While I'm not familiar with the larger story and some of the elements confused me, the creators did a fine job.

While the larger story has made it seem Godzilla is actually a bad guy,  it's turning out that maybe he's actually a good guy as a bunch of evil monsters come to Earth and Godzilla is needed.

And look... a flying blue Godzilla!

Can't wait for the next issue.

THOR #'s 1-4

By Marvel Comics

What a fucking drag this story is. The tiny little bare bones plot that's propelling this story is decent comic book material. All the gods being killed by an unstoppable evil dude, with only Thor able to stop him. Got it, now lets go already, quit dragging. Jason Aaron you suck dude. Jason Aaron first came to my notice badmouthing Alan Moore so I know what kind of guy he is and now he's just wasting Esad Ribic's time. The guy is killing it on the art, possibly the best Thor art ever and we are forced to endure this boring slow developing piece of shit story.

I don't know how long Esad Ribic will be illustrating this comic, but they need to pair him up with a good writer with a better story than this immediately. I really feel bad for the guy having to waste his time illustrating this muck.

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