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Super Sunday Reviews - 1/6/12

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 9:05 AM

The Best of the Week:


From IDW Publishing

Initially I thought this sounded like a real clunker. Even the cover was pretty mundane looking. But these "Spotlight" issues have had some really good gems among the bunch and that thought was enough for me to give this issue a try. I recently reviewed the previous Transformers Spotlight issue that focused on Orion Pax and that was a clunker. This one on a marginal Transformers character like Thundercracker turned out to be a really good read. The plot is that a group of Decepticons are on the hunt for Metroplex followed by a small group of Autobots. Thundercracker as it turns out is actually a skeptical Decepticon. There's a lot more under the hood of this non-descript blue Starscream clone bot than initially thought. If circumstances were different would Thundercracker have been an Autobot?

The story by John Barber is one of the more solid Transformers stories I've read in awhile and the art by Chee is fantastic. Chee is an odd choice for drawing Transformers comics as his art is very thin lined and very reminiscent of someone like Gray Morrow who had his day in the 1970's. It's definitely not an art style that conjures up to mind the ideal of good looking robotics. But he is a very skilled artist and I really enjoyed his work on this issue. I am going to look for more of his work from here on out, hopefully he'll do more Transformer comics in the future.

All in all this is a very well done comic and I recommend it to all Transformer comic fans.

The Worst of the Week:


By Marvel Comics

What do you get when you cross Twilight and Marvel Comics most well known vampire? This psuedo-emo shit. I couldn't even finish this comic. I finished Gambit #6, Firestorm #15, Aquaman #14 and even My LIttle Pony: Friendship is Magic #1, but I couldn't finish this. I don't know who wrote or drew this comic, but it is weak sauce shit. Trying this hard to tap into a phenomena that is on it's way out is pathetic.

The Rest of the Bunch:


By Sean Murphy

This is the final issue of this story and the conclusion is a bit... meh. Kinda predictable, a little sloppy even. There's a little bit of a twist at the end or something like a twist. Theres some other interesting bits too, but as a whole I wasn't necessarily enthralled by this conclusionary wrap up to Sean Murphy's first solo project. I reviewed a few of the previous issues in an earlier review column and what I said there holds true here. Sean Murphy is a hell of an artist, but has a long way to grow to be a fully competent storyteller.

Without giving away too much our main character Jesus Christ 2 proves he's not the reincarnation of Jesus as he and the rest of the world was led to believe. He was sorta put in this position and played that way. Issue 6 resolves all the dilemmas caused by this and a lot of people die, revelations occur and J2 is revealed to have a sister.

I did like this, but 99% because of the art. I've quickly become a huge fan of Sean Murphy's artwork.


By Joe Kubert & Others

RIP Joe Kubert. The Redeemer story by Kubert at the beginning of this comic is some of his best work ever. Albeit the story was like something outta the 1960's, hackneyed, full of plot holes and naive silliness.The art was magnificent and totally saved the story. This was a story done by Joe Kubert during his last days on earth and it proved he was still better than 75% of all the other comic artists alive. Amazing.

While there was only one more Kubert story in this issue, a short little story about a boy named Spit, stuck on a whaling vessel in pirate times, this was still a very good comic book overall. Kubert is hands down one of the greatest comics artists ever and it's too damn bad that time caught up to him and took him away from us.

There are two other stories in this anthology, one featuring The Angel & The Ape, a couple of characters from another era of DC comics by a couple of artists I had never heard of. They were nowhere near as good as Kubert on an artistic level and maybe that was intentional, but this issue woulda been just as good with just the Kubert material and I'm wondering why these extra bits were added? They were completely unnecessary.

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