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Super Sunday Reviews - 12/23/12

Posted on December 23, 2012 at 7:30 AM

The Best of the Week:

RUST Vol. 2

By Royden Lepp and Archaia Comics

I read volume one when it came out last year, and while it was entertaining, it didn't necessarily stick with me. The concept was cool and it was a good looking book, so when volume 2 was released I readily picked it up considering that it was going to at least be a cool looking comic. But as it turns out volume two is markedly more interesting than volume one. Maybe that is just my opinion, but I like #2 way better than #1. Maybe it was volume two's first dozen pages that won me over. These pages were a largely wordless, fast paced action filled set. It quickly summarized the background of the main character, Jet and how he got where he was by volume 2.

Jet the main character, is a cross of Iron Man and Astro Boy or that's about the easiest comparison I can come up with. He's a robot designed for war, yet now that the war has ended is trying to find his place in the normal world. He's taken up residence with a couple of farmers in a remote part of the world without revealing who he really is. He helps out around the farm and is a good worker. Unfortunately old enemies and ties to Jet's past come back to haunt him and put in danger the people who have tried to help him. It's up to Jet to save those who have helped him and keep his true nature under wraps.

Royden Lepp's art is at times shaky, but overall very well done. It's manga-ish and has a very animation heavy style, but it's very effective when it comes to emotion and tone. His choices of a muted color palette lend an almost old fashioned feel to it. As if we've gone back in time to around World War I, but also flashed forward into a possible apocalyptic time period at the same time. I rather liked the settings and feel of the whole story. I'm not sure how well sales wise this book is doing, but it's a better concept than about 95% of the other fantasy/sci-fi books on the comic stands today. I heartily recommend finding this book and I'm personally looking forward to volume three when it comes out.

The Worst of the Week:


By JH Williams III & DC Comics

I realize I jumped into the middle of the story here, but this was just a super boring comic. You'd think comic creators woulda realized by now, every issue could be a readers first issue. So why the hell would you write this kinda comic? Who the hell are the characters? Where's Batwoman? And why is the city all destroyed? I never found out by the end of this issue. The writing was stilted, corny and as I've said already, boring. Is the cop chick the main character? She's a friend of Batwoman? Gotham is all fucked up again? This issue left me with a lot of questions. Questions I have no interest in knowing the answers to.

The art wasn't by JH Williams III, but by someone else listed as the co-creator and while at times the art was decent, largely it was pretty stiff. What happened to JH Williams the third as artist on this?

The Rest of the Bunch:



Just a couple weeks ago MASKS #1 won the Best of the Week slot. By issue two though this story went off the rails really bad. Alex Ross is off the art, to give way to Dennis Calero who does his best to imitate Jae Lee and does it badly. The art switch I don't understand. Ok, yeah Alex Ross takes a long time, but why give the reins to a bad Jae Lee imitator? Ross and Jae Lee are at complete opposite ends of the illustrating spectrum. Why not give the art off to a Ross imitator or someone who does more traditional style work? Not that it matters because. shoddy art switch aside, the story has slipped into well known boring superhero comic story territory. A bunch of the good guys have to figure out how to come together and make a plan they can all agree on to battle the bad guys. Yawn.


By Hickman and Opena

I don't think I've ever read a more pretentious comic book. I'm getting the feeling Hickman and Marvel are trying to inject a sort of majesticness into this book, but because it's a comic book and these are all fictional characters and because anyone who creates a comic is at the very least a little bit of a geek (some are total geeks, like myself) it all comes off as a bit too fake. A bit too silly. Geek pretentiousness is an awful thing. And that's what this comic is.

Sure it's a damn good looking comic book. I love Jerome Opena's work, he's amazing, but the concept, the story is hogwash. Everyone reading this already knows how this is going to turn out. The villians in this story will be largely forgotten in about a comic book years time, despite their supposed earth shattering powers. The only thing that is slightly interesting is the new cast members. Who could turn up next as an avenger if ex-New Mutant's like Cannonball and Sunspot are now on the team? And Bruce Lee - er- Shang-Chi is a member now also. Is that something to get excited by? Ah well, I'm sure a few people out there are getting wood because of this comic. Good for them.

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